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Turning guest analytics and data intelligence into new revenue streams for hotels

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Enabling hoteliers and global hotel brands better insight into hospitality data streams & providing tools allowing them to maximize revenues and enhance guest experiences.


Empower the hotel industry by using business intelligence to: reduce OTA dependency, increase RevPAR, increase occupancy, and reduce guest churn to homestay services.

What We Do

As a hotel operator you will be acutely aware of the strength of the OTA's + Airbnb and the influence they wield. This is likely most evident through the commissions that you pay to OTA's. You are not alone in feeling that these commissions are continually on the rise and are having a significant impact on your profitability.

We are starting a movement, one that will ultimately result in the hotel industry; regaining control of inventory sales, increase margins, scale up RevPAR, fill more suites at higher rates, and ultimately win more business.

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Our flagship consumer facing product which works to optimize hotel reservations for guests of all hotel brands.

Working alongside the b2c model, StayAngel also integrates directly into hotel systems to deliver realtime metrics on pricing to what each guest will individually pay for a room at your property.

Every guest is willing to pay a different amount, and StayAngel provides an easy to understand, simple 1-click solution to empower hoteliers to deliver the highest possible room rate to every guest through our technology platform.

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StayScore serves both hotels and guests by delivering the power of big data analytics to the people at your hotel that are empowered to make real-time decisions that can directly affect future profitability, loyalty, retention and share of wallet over guests at your property.

StayScore brings a sophisticated set of big data anlytics directly to your hotel on guests who are checking into your hotel over the coming days. Using full market data, industry leading algorythms and scalable metrics - the StayScore platform delivers what no other can - true insight and actionable items on guests who can bring new business, increase value and positively impact your business.

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Find out how StayCorp Intelligence Solutions can help boost RevPAR, sell more suites & help cultivate incredible guest experiences through data

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StayCorp partners with industry leading brands

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StayCorp is specifically designed for hoteliers who want to regain control of their online distribution, want increased guest loyalty, want to defend their position against airbnb, and want to fill suites.

Through our data intelligence platform, StayCorp's data intelligence solutions will create a shift in your guest's habbits and turn low yield guest's into high margin, very profible customers.

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